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Pacific Heritage Arts Database

This database puts you in touch with 650 community-recognised elders, tufuga, Pulotu, ta’unga, master craftspeople and cultural leaders in a range of Pacific heritage artforms.

The holders are from:

Pacific Heritage Arts Database (xls 85KB) (last updated December 2015)

How to get in touch

To get in touch with one or more of the knowledge holders please email northern@creativenz.govt.nz or phone 09 373 3066 and let us know:

  • their name/s
  • your name
  • your contact details
  • a brief description of what you want to do.

We will then pass this information to the knowledge holder so they can contact you directly.

Nominate a knowledge holder

Know someone who should be recognised the Pacific Arts Heritage Database?

Fill out this PDF form and press 'submit' or 'save as' and email it to northern@creativenz.govt.nz.  Alternatively if you have updates or corrections please contact us on the same email.

Pacific Heritage Arts Database Nomination Form (pdf 88KB)

Development and resources : Pacific Heritage Arts Database