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Opportunity to get your arts event in the itinerary of visiting Lions rugby fans

19 Apr 2017

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The DHL New Zealand Lions Series will be held in New Zealand from 1 June to 8 July 2017.

The Ministry for Culture and Heritage, with other agencies, is coordinating events and experiences to give the anticipated 20,000 Lions fans, visiting from the UK, a taste of New Zealand culture - beyond the rugby fixtures. The visitors will be looking to do/see/experience things as they travel so the more variety of high quality experiences offered, while they are planning their visit, the better.

Do you have an event that could be listed?

The events to date are on the Rugby Festival 2017 website. The Ministry wants to include events from major institutions and local authorities, in the seven host cities, where their programmes line up with the games being played. If you have programme content that aligns to the following dates and locations, complete the form below and return it to briony.ellis@xtra.co.nz. If you are in doubt or want to discuss this, please email Briony.

Core dates and locations of the programme.

Whangarei – June 1 – 5 (DHL NZ Lions Series match day is June 3)
Auckland – June 5 – 8, and June 22 – July 8  (DHL NZ Lions Series match days are June 7, 24 and July 8)
Christchurch – June 8 – 11 (DHL NZ Lions Series match day is June 10)
Dunedin – June 11 – 14/15 (DHL NZ Lions Series match day is June 13)
Rotorua – June 15 – 18 (DHL NZ Lions Series match day is June 17)
Hamilton – June 18 – 22 (DHL NZ Lions Series match day is June 20)
Wellington – June 25 –  July 4/5 (DHL NZ Lions Series match days are June 27 and July 1)

Rugby 2017 Festival Content Template (word. 33.3KB)