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International delegates to receive a bespoke introduction to New Zealand arts

21 Nov 2016

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New Zealand Dance Company on tour in Holland 2016. Photograph Caroline Bindon

Creative New Zealand’s international delegate programme Te Manu Ka Tau: Flying Friends will focus on creating a more tailored arts experience for each delegate, starting next year.

Te Manu Ka Tau (TMKT) brings international agents, curators, festival directors, presenters and publishers to New Zealand with the aim of encouraging them to curate and present the work of New Zealand artists to international audiences.

Following a recent review of the programme Creative New Zealand will target a smaller number of influential delegates from key organisations and international platforms and create a bespoke itinerary for each, according to their specific programming and curatorial interests. 

“We want to further enhance the experience to embed relationships and increase the opportunities for New Zealand artists to exhibit and perform internationally,” said Creative New Zealand Senior Manager International, Cath Cardiff.

“We will be working with organisations and partners in a range of artforms to identify strategic opportunities for New Zealand work to be seen. This will include inviting delegates to overseas presentations of New Zealand work, particularly where there is a cluster, such as at the Edinburgh festivals,” she said.

In 2017, Creative New Zealand will be inviting delegates from Australia, Asia, Europe, and the United Kingdom to New Zealand and will continue to work with the sector and key partners to design and host delegates. 

For the performing arts, Te Manu Ka Tau will be hosting up to eight delegates in March to coincide with the Auckland Arts Festival and Auckland Fringe Festival, PANNZ Performing Arts Network of New Zealand and Capital E National Arts Festival.

There will be no formal showcase programme for the 2017 performing arts programme, however one- on-one meetings and studio visits will be arranged according to the  specific interests of individual delegates.

In addition to the performing arts, Creative New Zealand will work with craft/object, visual arts and literature organisations to select and host delegates throughout 2017.

Organisations and artists invited to present internationally, as a result of TMKT, can continue to apply for Creative New Zealand’s International Presentation Fund (IPF).  

Remaining application dates for 2016-2017 are:

27th January deadline/ 24th February notify
24th March deadline/ 14th April notify

Te Manu Ka Tau

Te Manu Ka Tau has resulted in a number of New Zealand artists having their work seen by international audiences.  In the past year this included theatre works by Portable Union, Bullet Heart Club and Julia Croft at the Edinburgh festivals as well as an exhibition by visual artist Olivia Webb.

Atamira and Black Grace dance companies and Show Pony and Little Dog Barking theatre companies were supported to present work in Asia and choreographer Louise Potiki Bryant is being funded to tour Kiri in Holland early next year.

The recent  review reinforced the success of the programme in connecting New Zealand artists to international markets but recommended a more bespoke approach with  individual delegate itineraries according to their programming and curatorial interests.  

News and blog : International delegates to receive a bespoke introduction to New Zealand arts