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Momentum delegate programme 2016

Momentum is an international delegate programme for the Edinburgh festivals. Up to six New Zealand arts practitioners can participate in Momentum 2016 to build relationships with international artists, producers, curators and cultural partners. The programme is offered in partnership with British Council Scotland, Festivals Edinburgh and Creative Scotland.


Closing dates:

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NZ$3,200 towards travel to Edinburgh (plus six nights' accommodation & a contribution towards tickets)

29 Apr 2016

Artforms funded:

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1. Check your eligibility

Who can apply

To apply for Creative New Zealand funding, you:

  • must be a New Zealand citizen, permanent resident or organisation (overseas arts organisations or overseas-based New Zealand artists may be funded only if the project directly benefits New Zealand arts)
  • cannot be a Creative New Zealand staff member or a member of the Arts Council.

Benefits and track record

To be eligible for Creative New Zealand funding:

  • Your project or activities must directly benefit New Zealand arts, artists or practitioners.
  • You must have a track record of experience and success — this means you must have:
    • recognition from peers or experts
    • achieved a degree of critical or sales success
    • specialised training or practical experience.

Who can't apply

We are not able to consider proposals from organisations funded by a government agency, tertiary institution or local authority unless the proposed activity goes beyond the core or contracted activity for which they receive funding.

Late reports and breaches of agreements

We cannot fund you if you, your organisation, or key members of your team:

  • are more than 16 weeks overdue with a report for a previous grant or investment
  • are in breach of the conditions of a current funding agreement
  • were in 'default' of a funding agreement and sent in a late report in the six months prior to the closing date for a new application.

Momentum 2016 New Zealand programme eligibility criteria

This opportunity is available to the following people.

  1. Mid-career practitioners and artists who can show evidence of:
  • their readiness to develop their knowledge and understanding of working within the international context, and/or
  • interest and capacity to develop their international networks, pursue international collaborative projects or presentation opportunities for existing tour-ready work.

Priority will be given to producers, curators, directors or artists who:

  • have engaged with an Edinburgh Festival director/producer/venue to present work in Edinburgh in August 2017
  • have previously worked with the British Council New Zealand.
  1. A strategic partner pursuing collaborative or exchange projects, arts sector development or scoping the possibility of presenting Scottish and UK work in New Zealand.

2. See what's funded


Momentum is an international delegate programme delivered through a partnership between British Council Scotland, Festivals Edinburgh, and Creative Scotland.

Selected delegates will be able to take advantage of a range of activities; from bespoke itinerary planning and access to in-demand shows, to high-level meetings with relevant cultural figures.

A group of up to six delegates will be supported through the Momentum 2016 programme to travel to Edinburgh from 15 - 21 August 2016.

Costs covered

Creative New Zealand support for each delegate:

  • a contribution of $3,200 towards international travel
  • accommodation for six nights in Edinburgh, paid for by Creative New Zealand
  • a contribution towards the cost of tickets.

3. Make an application

Downloads (application forms and criteria)

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How to apply

To apply for this opportunity:

  1. Start your application online (you may need to register first)
  2. Gather support material (including your international strategy)
  3. Prepare a budget
  4. Submit your application online by 5pm on the closing date.

Login or register to apply online.

4. Assessing applications

Who assesses your application

Both internal and external assessors assess applications.

Assessment criteria

Proposals will be assessed on:

  • the suitability of your key objectives for participating in Momentum 2016
  • your understanding of, and capacity to, either:
    • develop, international networks and work in an international context
    • present tour-ready work in Edinburgh
  • how suitable and tour-ready the work (or works) is you wish to promote
  • the likelihood of you successfully achieving any of the following:
    • international collaborative or exchange projects
    • international presentation opportunities
    • arts sector development.

5. Notification of results

Applicants will be notified of a decision four weeks after the closing date.

We also list successful applicants on the who got funded web page.

If you are successful, we will contact you about your funding agreement, including the payment schedule and reporting requirements.

6. On completion

A project completion report is required within four weeks of the project end date using the report template.

7. Who to contact

Eleanor Congreve
Senior Adviser, International
DDI: (09) 373 3059
Mobile: 027 706 5371
Email: eleanor.congreve@creativenz.govt.nz