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Contemporary Jewellers to Schmuck 2017

Assisting New Zealand contemporary jewellers to attend Schmuck and associated events in Munich between 8 and 14 March 2017. Please note our application portal is down for maintenance between 5pm Friday 25/11/2016 to 8am Monday 28/11/2016.


Closing dates:

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2 Dec 2016

Artforms funded:

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1. Check your eligibility

Eligibility for support to attend Schmuck 2017

To be eligible for support applicants must be selected by Schmuck to exhibit as part of the Internationale Handwerksmesse.

Who can apply

To apply for Creative New Zealand funding, you:

  • must be a New Zealand citizen, permanent resident or organisation (overseas arts organisations or overseas-based New Zealand artists may be funded only if the project directly benefits New Zealand arts)
  • cannot be a Creative New Zealand staff member or a member of the Arts Council.

Late reports and breaches of agreements

We cannot fund you if you, your organisation, or key members of your team:

  • are more than 16 weeks overdue with a report for a previous grant or investment
  • are in breach of the conditions of a current funding agreement
  • were in 'default' of a funding agreement and sent in a late report in the six months prior to the closing date for a new application.

Eligibility for support to attend Schmuck 2017

In order to be eligible for support to attend Schmuck in Munich 2017 applicants must be selected by Schmuck to exhibit as part of the Internationale Handwerksmesse.

2. See what's funded

We are selecting contemporary New Zealand jewellers to exhibit at  Internationale Handwerksmesse (at Schmuck) in Munich in 2017. We aim to support the international development of New Zealand jewellry.

Creative New Zealand will not be supporting selected Talente artists to travel to Munich and attend the Internationale Handwerksmesse.

Each delegate will be offered a grant of $4,000 towards international travel costs and accommodation.

Schmuck is a long-standing exhibition that is part of the annual International Trade Fair for the Skilled Trades (Internationale Handwerksmesse München). The exhibitions attract the world’s top makers, curators, gallerists and collectors to see new work and to meet up-and-coming talents. http://www.ihm.de/en/

3. Make an application

Downloads (application forms and criteria)

Register or Log in

How to apply

  1. Start your application online (you may need to register first).
  2. Gather artistic support material.
  3. Submit your application online by 5pm on the closing date.

Log in or register to apply online

Your application must contain:

  • Images of the works that have been selected to exhibit at Schmuck
  • Your market development objectives for attending Schmuck in 2017
  • How you plan to realise these market development objectives
  • Confirmation of availability to travel 8 March – 14 March 2017 to Munich, Germany

4. Assessing applications

5. Notification of results

Successful applicants will be notified of funding decisions by 10 January 2017.

6. On completion

A project completion report is required within 12 weeks of the project end date using the report template. To be considered for further funding, your report needs to be submitted on time.

7. Who to contact

Ana Sciascia
International Adviser, Creative New Zealand