Toi Uru Kahikatea (Arts Development Investment) Programme

This programme along with Toi Tōtara Haemata (Arts Leadership Investment) provide ongoing funding over several years to support continuous programmes of activity and ongoing infrastructure.


Closing dates:

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4 May 2018

Artforms funded:

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1. Check your eligibility

Who can apply

  • NZ-based organisations can apply
  • To apply to Māori arts:
    • you must be Māori or your proposed project must be managed or directed by Māori
    • organisations must be owned and managed by Māori. If an organisation is applying for funding on behalf of an individual, that person must also be Māori.
  • You cannot be funded by a government agency, tertiary education organisation (TEO) or local authority unless the proposed activity goes beyond your core activity. Applications from staff or contractors of a TEO, or a TEO subsidiary, must disclose the full extent of the support they will receive from the TEO for their proposed project. 

Late reports and breaches of agreements

We cannot fund you if you, your organisation,  or key members of your team:

  • are more than 16 weeks overdue with a report for a previous grant or investment
  • are in breach of the conditions of a current funding agreement
  • were in 'default' of a funding agreement and sent in a late report in the six months prior to the closing date for a new application.

Eligibility for Toi Uru Kahikatea

To be eligible to apply for Toi Uru Kahikatea funding, you must:

  • be an established artist, arts practitioner, group or organisation
  • be based in New Zealand and offering a regular or continuous programme of arts activity that directly benefits New Zealand arts, artists or practitioners
  • have a successful funding track record with Creative New Zealand
  • have already confirmed your eligibility and/or registered your interest to apply with one of our staff by 1 December 2017. If you are already funded through Toi Uru Kahikatea or Toi Tōtara Haemata you are not required to complete this step. See 3. Make an application for more information.

Being an established artist, arts practitioner, group or organisation

Being an established artist, arts practitioner, group or organisation means that you:

  • have recently achieved the successful public presentation of at least three high-quality artworks, events or programmes, and
  • have endorsement and support for your work from at least two peers or experts from your area of arts practice, and
  • are acknowledged as being established in your area of arts practice

Your track record

Having a successful funding track record means that you have received, delivered and reported successfully on:

  • at least three recent project grants (Arts Grants or Quick Response), or
  • an investment grant from Creative New Zealand in the last three years.


  • For applications made in any year's funding round, Toi Uru Kahikatea can only support activities that begin after 1 January the following year.
  • If we grant you support for the public presentation of a new work, we expect the work to be publicly presented within two years of the grant being made.

Other funding

While you are being funded under the Toi Uru Kahikatea programme, you cannot receive support through Quick Response Grants, Arts Grants, the Creative Communities Scheme or the Toi Tōtara Haemata programme.

2. See what's funded


Toi Uru Kahikatea offers support for a regular or continuous programme to:

  • develop skills, resources and networks required to create, present, promote, distribute or participate in high-quality arts or arts experiences
  • research, create, present, distribute and/or tour programmes of high-quality New Zealand work or art within New Zealand or overseas
  • develop and/or maintain the infrastructure required to create, present, distribute or participate in high-quality New Zealand arts or arts experiences.

Funding limits

Specific funding limits apply to some activities:

  • competitions (not prizes): $30,000
  • documentary and archival projects: $30,000
  • international professional development: 80% of the overall cost to a maximum of $12,000
  • international presentation of artwork: a contribution to travel and freight costs and up to $10,000 towards proven costs of presenting work
  • mentoring: $5000
  • music recording: $15,000 for emerging artists; $25,000 for established artists
  • multidisciplinary arts festivals: 4%–12% of revenue or $1,000–$15,000 depending on track record
  • websites: $5000 for developing a new site; $5000 for placing work on an established site; $30,000 for editorial costs for an established site

Publishing subsidies

We provide publishing subsidies towards the costs of editing, designing, printing and distributing a publication.

  • up to 100 pages: $2500
  • 100–200 pages: $3000
  • 201–300 pages: $3500
  • 301–400 pages: $4000
  • large heavily illustrated books: $10,000
  • children's picture books up to 16 pages: $2500
  • children's picture books over 16 pages: $3500.

Additional subsidies at the same rate as the standard subsidies (above) are available for:

  • literature in te reo or a language of the Pasfika peoples of New Zealand
  • non-fiction
  • artform publications.

Additional funding above these subsidies rates may be available if a publisher can demonstrate the work is of an exceptional nature. For more information on publishing guidelines download Application Requirements and Guidelines for Specific Activities in Make an application.

3. Make an application

Downloads (application forms and criteria)

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How to apply

Step one: Check your eligibility

To apply for Toi Uru Kahikatea in 2018, you must have contacted us by 1 December 2017 to confirm your eligibility. 

We will check if your organisation is aligned to Creative New Zealand's strategic outcomes and the programme's purposes and artform priorities (see above document Strategic outcomes, programme purposes and artform priorities)

If you are eligible you will be invited to undertake an organisational ‘health-check'. This is a one-two hour interview to ensure your organisation has a clear strategic purpose and demonstrates competence in its governance and financial management. You will not be able to apply unless you successfully complete this step (completion does not guarantee funding).

Step two: Complete an online application

If you have successfully completed Step One you can login or register to apply online.

Choose how you want your application to be assessed 

Applications can be assessed as one of the following. You can choose:

General arts: if your project is one of the following artforms: craft/object, dance, interarts, literature, multidisciplinary, music, theatre or visual arts.

Māori Arts: if your project is by Māori and Mātauranga Māori is evident in the practice and results of your proposed activities. By Māori means:

•    you must be Māori or your proposed project must be managed or directed by Māori
•    organisations must be owned and managed by Māori. If an organisation is applying for funding on behalf of an individual, that person must also be Māori.

Pacific Arts: if Kaupapa Pasifika will be evident in the practice and results of your proposed activities.

5. Notification of results

All applicants will be advised of the results of their application by July 2018. If you are successful, we will contact you about your funding agreement including payment schedule and reporting requirements.

We also list successful applicants on who got funded

If you are successful we will email you about:

  • your funding agreement
  • payment schedule
  • reporting requirements.

6. On completion

You will be required to report on your activities every six months. Your reporting requirements will be in the contract that we agree with you.

7. Who to contact

For more information or advice: