Toi Ake and tohunga/tukunga

Two initiatives to cultivate and preserve Ngā Toi Māori.

Toi Ake

Toi Ake is a funding initiative tailored to iwi, hapū, whakapapa-based roopu and maata waka to cultivate and retain heritage Ngā Toi Māori.

Toi Ake is offered twice a year. Closing dates for 2015:

6 March 2015

28 August 2015

Please note that Toi Ake does not support restoration projects.

More information including how to apply

Tohunga / Tukunga

The Tohunga/Tukunga initiative supports the preservation and transmission of traditional Ngā Toi Māori knowledge and practice, by funding mentoring relationships between Tohunga and Tukunga.

The aim of is to enable Māori communities to support tohunga within communities to pass on cultural traditions and artistry.

Tohunga/Tukunga is offered three times a year and the closing dates for 2014 are the same as our Quick Response Grants:

30 January 2015

26 June 2015 

23 October 2015

Three mentoring opportunities of up to $5,000 each are available in each round.

More information including how to apply

Before you apply for either of the initiatives above, please contact Haniko Te Kurapa, Manager  Ngā Toi Māori for advice on how to make an application, on (04) 473 0182 or at