results we are looking for

When we assess your application, we will look at whether the results of your proposed activity would match up with the outcomes (long-term goals) that Creative New Zealand is seeking.

Outcome 1 - New Zealanders participate in the arts

By “participate”, we mean the direct involvement of individuals, groups and/or communities in making or presenting art. This includes opportunities to:

  • celebrate, practise and transmit  their diverse artistic traditions and cultural heritage
  • develop links between communities that improve cross-cultural understanding.

Outcome 2 - High quality New Zealand art is developed

Creative New Zealand seeks to ensure that artists, arts practitioners and arts organisations have the opportunity to fulfil their potential by:

  • continually developing their artforms, the quality of their work, and their artistic skills and capabilities, and
  • having opportunities to experiment, be innovative, and take risks.

Outcome 3 - New Zealanders experience high-quality arts

Audiences are vital to a vibrant arts sector. Creative New Zealand aims to broaden the opportunities for all New Zealanders to experience the arts, providing them with access to a diverse range of artistic experiences.

Outcome 4 - New Zealand arts gain international success

International interventions connect high-quality artists with global markets and audiences through presentation, touring, relationship building and collaborative projects, including cultural and artistic exchange.