Reporting on your grant

A final Project Completion Report is required for all Creative New Zealand grants and must be submitted within 12 weeks of the date you specified as the project end date in your Funding Agreement.

Interim progress reports

For some types of Creative New Zealand grants you may also be required to submit interim progress reports. When this is the case you will be notified of your reporting dates and requirements in a drawdown schedule accompanying your funding agreement.

Project Completion Report Templates

A hard copy of the appropriate Project Completion Report template will be sent to you once your grant has been paid in full. These templates are also available to download as interactive PDF’s below.

* This template is for clients with a project funding agreement only. Continuous programme clients have different reporting requirements that are set out in their funding agreements

For help completing your report please contact an Arts Adviser.

To find out about reporting requirements for other Creative New Zealand programmes please refer to the funding agreement or contact the relevant Creative New Zealand Arts Adviser

Submitting your Report

When you have completed your report please send it to:

Grants and Process Team
Creative New Zealand
PO Box 3806
Wellington 6140

Or email to:

Showcase your project

After you have sent in your Project Completion Report you are able to the add the story of your project Funded Artists Showcase on this website. This is useful for giving your work a bigger presence on the Internet and for linking to from your portfolio or other funding applications.

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Requests for Extensions

If your project is delayed or extended you will need to apply in writing to change the delivery date of the Project Completion Report.

Your request for extension will require approval from a Creative New Zealand manager if:

  • it's your second extension
  • your project has already reached 'default' status
  • you are requesting an extension beyond the eligible completion timeframe for a programme

If you are unable to commit to completing your project within a reasonable timeframe you should consider returning the grant and reapplying at a later date.

Download the Request for Extension template

Late Reports and default clients

Failing to submit a project completion report by the due date is a breach of the conditions attached to your grant. Therefore there are penalties and consequences that will apply.

When does someone become a default client?

  1. If your report is more than twelve weeks late we will send you a reminder letter.
  2. If a satisfactory report is not received within four weeks of sending this reminder letter we will contact you by email or phone seeking the report.
  3. If, after a further two weeks from this contact, a satisfactory report has not been submitted, a second reminder letter will be sent. Once the second reminder letter has been sent you will become classified as a default client.

Once you become a default client:

  • Your default history will remain permanently on file;
  • You will not be eligible to apply for funding for a minimum of six months after receipt of a late report;
  • Creative New Zealand may seek repayment of the grant that hasn’t been acquitted.
  • A default status will be removed on receipt of a satisfactory project completion report.

If you need help or have questions please contact the relevant Creative New Zealand Arts Adviser

showcase your project

Once you've reported on your grant why not tell it's story through the Funded Artists Showcase?
Jamie Boynton- Mauri Ora - A Story of Creation
Above: Jamie Boynton works on Mauri Ora - A Story of Creation. More about this project.