International programme  

The objective of the International Programme is to help New Zealand arts gain international success. The programme creates and broadens pathways between the New Zealand arts and international markets and audiences. We work collaboratively with our partners and position our best artists so they can achieve success in overseas markets.

Ways we do this:

Other programmes such as Quick Response Grants, Arts Grants and our investment programmes may also provide support for New Zealand artists to show their work internationally. More about these programmes.

Why is international success important?

International success is a priority for both the artistic and economic sustainability of New Zealand artists. It allows them to develop their practice and extend the life of their work while also providing employment and income.

Our International Strategy

The Creative New Zealand International Strategy provides a focus for our international activities by directing our resources towards the best results through a specific, targeted and initiative based programme. The strategy focuses on the following goals:

  1. Developing potential: Skills and capabilities for engaging internationally are developed by artists, practitioners and arts organisations
  2. Market development: International markets and audiences for New Zealand art are developed
  3. Making New Zealand’s distinctive voice heard overseas: Distinctive, high-quality, internationally viable art is presented overseas.

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