Toi tipu Toi rea – emerging Māori artist grant Closing date: 12 Feb 2016

Four grants were offered at a total of $24,050. The Toi Tipu Toi Rea is a grant to support Māori artists or practitioners, at an early stage of their career, to undertake an arts project.

More about Toi tipu Toi Rea including how to apply

Funding recipients

Cian White

Towards script development for a new work by emerging playwright, Cian Elyse White.

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AWARDED: $4,500

Omer Gilroy

Towards recording an album of waiata.

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AWARDED: $7,500

Rakai jade

Towards a cultural exchange in Canada and the United States 2016.

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AWARDED: $7,500

Rangihīroa Panoho

To create a series of artworks for an exhibition at the Tivoli Gallery, Waiheke Island.

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AWARDED: $4,550