Asia Artform Exchange Research Fund Closing date: 17 Oct 2016

This fund supports New Zealand artists and practitioners across all artforms to research and develop collaborative projects with artists and practitioners in targeted territories in Asia.

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Funding recipients

Campbell Burns

Towards the research and development of an interactive sound / image experience depicting Austronesian expansion from Taiwan across the Pacific.

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AWARDED: $3,950

Daniel Beban

Towards the development of new works in collaboration with experimental and sound artists in China.

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AWARDED: $5,000

Java Dance Company

To develop a collaborative work with Korean artists for the Seoul Street Arts Festival.

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AWARDED: $5,000

Louise Tu'u

Towards research and artistic exchange of live performance practices between Japanese and Pacific artists.

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AWARDED: $4,800

Muscle Mouth

Towards a new collaboration between Muscle Mouth and Singapore's T.H.E Dance Company.

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AWARDED: $5,000