STROMA dreams of New Zealand Music

5 May 2009

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STROMA dreams of New Zealand Music

Ariot of new works performed by local chamber music ensemble Stroma will celebrate New Zealand Music Month festivities with world premieres by New Zealand composers.

Entitled "Dreams", their 17 May concertdebutsnew worksby composers such as Gillian Whitehead, John Rimmer, David Downes, Jenny McLeod and Michael Norris.

"It's always satisfying to put on a concert devoted solely to New Zealand music," says co-director Michael Norris. "We've chosen John Rimmer's groundbreaking work for the London Sinfonietta, 'The Ring of Fire', as a centrepiece for the concert, and we're thrilled as always to have Richard Nunns involved with Gillian's work."

Two meaty world premieres, from local composers Jenny McLeod and David Downes, will also feature. McLeod's work "Cat Dreams" is a playful work with feline, fantastical elements to it. Downes' work "Bliss Mechanism" is a commissioned piece for clarinet, piano and small ensemble that features some unusual sonic effects, including hosepipes attached to brass mouthpieces, swung around the head of the musician.

The concert begins at 7pm at the Ilott Concert Chamber. Tickets available through Ticketek.

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