Local Asburton artist Robin Arnst to exhibit at Gallery

1 Mar 2012

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Local Asburton artist Robin Arnst is preparing for her upcoming exhibition ‘Lift the Spirit’ which opens Saturday 17 March, with an artist talk commencing at 1:30pm. Arnst’s latest work is inspired by Tai Chi, the year of the dragon and art, by focussing on how these three aspects complement and enhance each other. “Tai Chi is a lot like painting – you try to observe the world and ones’ outer surroundings, yet at the same time trust ones’ inner vision and intuition.”

Arnst describes this exhibition as a “journey of self discovery” and hopes that viewers will feel the same beauty and strength that Tai Chi has inspired in people for thousands of years. “By using art as a holistic medicine we can all benefit from the mystery of art. Balancing ourselves physically, mentally and spiritually so a pathway to better health/better understanding/a relaxed body and mind sums up Tai Chi to me.” – Robin Arnst.

Robin Arnst’s exhibition will be available for viewing from Saturday 17 March to Sunday 15th April 2012.