CHARTDISC Volume 5 - The HARD & HEAVY Edition

30 Aug 2011

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A free CD sampler released nationwide by CHART to promote the Christchurch hard rock and metal music scenes.

CHART - in association with Cosmic, Creative Communities, The Mainland Foundation, CJ's Musicworks and the Dead End Derby is proud to announce CHARTDISC VOL 5 - the ‘Hard & Heavy’ Edition 2011.

Emerging from the Christchurch dust and rubble like a black phoenix comes a no nonsense selection of hard rock and metal underground classics. Taste the high energy delights of grunge, hard rock, hardcore, punk, thrash and death metal in a diverse collection of visceral, elemental and at times downright face melting tracks.

These often overlooked genres are staunch, proud and possess fiercely loyal fans. Rarely are these bands lifted into the bright lights of the public eye but again as Otautahi (Christchurch) rises from the seismic challenges, this selection showcases the beautiful musical diversity in the south, with an ability to charge ahead, throw the horns and dive into the mosh.

CHART artist representative Marc Royal explains "for a number of years now there has a been a huge musical sub culture that exists within Christchurch. Over this time we have seen the inception of many great rock and metal bands and it's fantastic that we can now showcase some of our top acts to the rest of the nation on the Hard 'N Heavy CHARTDISC".

Tim Facoory from leading metal act Tainted lends his support to the project "Christchurch has so much to offer in these genres and the fact that CHART have recognised this, created this compilation and enabled to be released for free is huge”.

Grab a copy now from Galaxy Records, Penny Lane Records and the RDUnit in Christchurch or nationwide from Cosmic, Musicworks and Marbecks. Select copies also available at the Christchurch Arts Festivals’ ‘Thursday Sessions’ and the CHART Live Stage at ‘Garden Variety’ at the Real NZ Festival in Hagley Park and the Dead End Derby at CBS Arena Oct 8th.

CHARTDISC Volume 5 has been hand-picked to be turned up loud, and is for promotional/broadcast only.

Available nationwide from 1 September 2011 as an eco-friendly CD pack from the following outlets and stores FREE while stocks last.


  • Cosmic - Dunedin (355 George St)
  • Cosmic Corner - Christchurch (Palms Mall, Shirley)
  • Cosmic - Wellington (97 Cuba Street & Manners Mall)
  • Cosmic Corner - Auckland (5 High St)
  • Galaxy Records (336 St Asaph St)
  • Marbecks - Christchurch (Riccarton Mall, Barrington Mall, Merivale Mall, Eastgate Mall)
  • Marbecks - Auckland (Queens Arcade, Sylvia Park)
  • Marbecks - Wellington (Lambton Quay, Wellington Airport, Lower Hutt)
  • Marbecks Palmerston North
  • Marbecks - Dunedin (Wall St Retail Centre)
  • Musicworks – Christchurch (CJ’s,  569 Colombo St)
  • Musicworks – Auckland (Atwaters, 141 Hobson St)
  • Musicworks  - Wellington (31 Ghuznee St)
  • Penny Lane Records  - Christchurch (461 Colombo St)
  • Rough Peel Records – Wellington (Vivian St)


  • Derby Day Out (CBS Arena 8 Oct)
  • The Thursday Sessions at The Christchurch Arts Festival (Hagley Park), Garden Variety (Hagley Park)
  • The RDUnit – RDU 98.5FM’s mobile broadcast unit.

Listen with full audio quality at


Stabbing bass lines and dirty grunge laden riffs from Kyuss-inspired 5-piece.

STONEHURST Criminal BondingRolling slabs of Sabbath-like riffs make for an essential head thrasher.

THE VALVESLittle Things
A stomping anthem from stadium rockers latest incarnation.

ASHEI Shelter
A masterful piece of up-tempo pop/rock led by wild female vocalist Emma Cameron.

SUEDE ARCADE Over (Flat Out)
Described as the sound of a 44 Magnum smashing your collar bone, these lads know how to stoke the rock n’ roll fire.

LUPUS LUNAR – Back To The Ocean
Wailing dual guitars and sliding power riffs from 90’s influenced ‘earworm’ alt rock quartet take us back to a world where it all began…

Inspired blues roots rock from 2010’s best uni band, energy and attitude to burn.

College influenced pop punk funsters show a more serious side.

Hardcore punk heroes keep it real with fuzzed out chainsaw guitars and a frontman who can scream it with the best of them.

TAINTED Worthless
Fierce, unrelenting and visceral, ChCh’s leading metal act fresh from supporting Iron Maiden and Metallica step forward with a brutal taster to their 3rd studio album.

Forging a forceful blend of blackened thrash, reminiscent of the raw
early days of the genre, Dissolution's twin lead guitars incorporate progressive and technical influences.

Brace yourself for some progressive melodic technical death metal from this internationally produced five piece.

HUMAN - Blasting Through The Foreheads Of The Dead
Grindcore death metal stalwarts raise the cadavers and explore the dark city’s depths.