Other sources of funding

Options other than Creative New Zealand funding may be available to you.

Know of other funding avenues not listed here? If so, email them to website@creativenz.govt.nz

Pasifika artists should also read Support for Pacific Arts (pdf 1.8MB) 

Asia New Zealand Foundation

The Asia New Zealand Foundation administers a cultural grants programme and assists artist residencies and exchanges. Through Museums Aotearoa, they also offer the Asia New Zealand Foundation Museums Award. This award provides support to museums and museum professionals for project and professional development.


Auckland Council Regional Arts and Culture Programme

Two rounds of funding for 2015/16 designed to 'integrate arts and culture into our everyday lives' and help Auckland become the world’s most liveable city. Available to community or commercial organisations. 

More about the Regional Arts and Culture Programme

The Big Idea Te Aria Nui

The Big Idea's focus is “helping New Zealand practitioners, organisations and businesses in the creative sector to find the resources crucial for their long-term viability”. Their weekly e-bulletin features jobs, funding opportunities, interviews and news about arts events across New Zealand.


Creative Communities Scheme (CCS)

Each year Creative New Zealand provides CCS funding to local and district councils throughout New Zealand to distribute in their area. The scheme supports more than 1,800 projects every year. Applications are made directly to your local council and closing dates vary. 

More about applying for a Creative Communities grant in your area

Crowdfunding and donations websites

Boosted.org.nz - A New Zealand arts dedicated crowd funding platform. Boosted provides artists’, arts professionals and organisations with campaign support and resources to reach their funding targets, as well as assistance with their ongoing goals. Boosted also offers donors a 33% tax credit.

PledgeMe - A New Zealand website. Users can post project ideas online for people to help fund in return for a creative reward.

Indiegogo is an overseas worldwide crowdfunding website based in the USA. They can make international payments to New Zealand artists via paypal.

Kickstarter - An international crowdfunding website open to New Zealand projects.

Philanthropy New Zealand - Philanthropy New Zealand is the hub of philanthropy in New Zealand.

The Department of Internal Affairs - Community Matters


This department has a range of resources and grant programmes including:

  • Community Internship Programme (CIP) which funds hapū, iwi or community groups to employ skilled professionals to work as an intern with the community group for three to six months.
  • Community Organisation Grants Scheme (COGS) which can contribute to the personnel, operating or programme costs of non-profit community organisations that provide social services. Community-based projects are also eligible if they:
    • encourage participation in communities
    • promote community leadership
    • promote social, economic and cultural equity.
  • Community Development Scheme (CDS) supports community, hapū, iwi, Pacific and ethnic groups to work together, generate their own solutions to local issues, and work towards becoming more self-reliant and resilient. Grants are available to employ and support a community development worker to carry out the project and/or to contribute towards project costs and organisational overheads that relate to carrying out the project.

The Department of Internal Affairs also manages a number of trusts for example:

  • The NZ Winston Churchill Memorial Trust which can provide grants to undertake projects overseas
  • Pacific Development and Conservation Trust which distributes grants to groups and individuals in the South Pacific for a range of development and conservation projects.

District and city councils

As well as distributing funding under the Creative Communities Scheme, local authorities may also distribute funding for other arts projects. Local authority contact details are available in the telephone directory or at www.localcouncils.govt.nz

Earle Creativity Trust

This creativity and development trust helps fund specific local projects within the Manawatū and Rangitīkei region.

Established by Richard and Mary Earle, the trust provides funding in four areas:

  • music
  • history & literature
  • visual arts
  • science & technology.

Funding is available in two areas each year (for example, visual arts and science & technology in 2020). 


Generosity New Zealand

Generosity New Zealand has two subscriber databases for funding searches. They are both subscription based.

  • GiveUs is for community group funding.
  • GiveMe provides information on scholarships and awards for individuals.

These databases can also be viewed at some citizens advice bureaus, public libraries, local authority offices and offices of the Department of Internal Affairs.

The Lion Foundation

The Lion Foundation is one of New Zealand's oldest and most respected charitable trusts. In the past 25 years, it has returned over $540 million back to the community, supporting thousands of good causes right around New Zealand.


Ministry for Culture and Heritage – Te Tahua Whakamarohi i te Rāngai Ahurea | Cultural Sector Regeneration Fund 

The Cultural Sector Regeneration Fund comprises three cross-sector initiatives to help the cultural sector survive and thrive under COVID over the long term: 

  • Te Tahua Whakakaha Cultural Sector Capability Fund ensures organisations in the cultural sector have the tools to work within a COVID and post-COVID environment. 
  • Te Tahua Whakahaumaru Creative Arts Recovery and Employment (CARE) Fund enhances access to cultural and creative experiences, while creating new opportunities for employment and skill development across the cultural sector. 
  • Te Tahua Āki Auahatanga Cultural Sector Innovation Fund encourages innovative practice and partnerships to change the way cultural content is made available to audiences, helping to create a more resilient and sustainable sector. 

There are a range of funding opportunities across these three initiatives which collectively provide $150 million in support to:

  • create new employment and skill development opportunities
  • promote innovation
  • enhance New Zealanders access to inspiring cultural experiences.


Ministry for Culture and Heritage - History Research Trust

This fund provides grants to researchers and writers of projects relating to New Zealand history. All historical areas are eligible, but priority is given to projects that significantly improve our understanding of New Zealand's past.


Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment (MBIE)

The MBIE Fund Finder tells you what funding is available in the science and innovation ecosystem, for research or building your business.


Ministry of Education

The Ministry of Education provides funding for Learning Experiences Outside the Classroom (LEOTC). This is provided through a limited and contestable funding pool for community-based organisations. The experiences must be aligned to the national curriculum and provide authentic, interactive experiences that complement classroom learning. Providers of LEOTC include zoos, museums, historic parks, art galleries, performing arts, science and outdoor centres. LEOTC programmes are provided in the following learning areas: the arts, health and physical education, social sciences and languages, science and technology.


National Services Te Paerangi

National Services Te Paerangi works with museums, galleries, iwi and related organisations to enhance museum services, supporting these to become self-sustaining. National Services currently offers two grant programmes: Museum and Iwi Development Grant and the Helping Hands Grant for small museums. Please see the website for more information.


Read NZ Te Pou Muramura (formerly NZ Book Council)

Read NZ Te Pou Muramura represents and promotes New Zealand writing and writers. As well as hosting a large database of New Zealand writers, Read NZ manages opportunities such as Writers in Schools and produces research like Reading in a Digital Age


New Zealand Film Commission | Te Tumu Whakakaata Taonga

The New Zealand Film Commission provides development and production finance, as well as participating in the promotion and marketing of New Zealand films.


New Zealand Japan Exchange Programme

The New Zealand Japan Exchange Programme promotes a deeper understanding between New Zealand and Japan through a programme of educational and cultural exchanges. For guidelines and an application form:


New Zealand Lottery Grants Board | Te Poari Rota

Lottery Community Facilities for cultural facilities.

Lottery Environment and Heritage for cultural heritage projects, including capital works, development of education centres in museums, exhibition materials to enhance the understanding of collections, costs of conservation of movable cultural property, marae and waka conservation projects, waihi tapu research projects, publications.

Lottery Youth - for developing young people's awareness of cultural identity and skills development outside the school environment. Lottery Youth defines young people as those under 25.

Lottery General for one-off projects of regional and national significance and those outside the scope of other distribution committees. Arts and film projects other than capital works projects are not usually funded.


New Zealand Music Commission

The New Zealand Music Commission is committed to growing the NZ music business both at home and overseas.


New Zealand Oral History Awards

The New Zealand Oral History Awards offer financial help for the recording of interviews relating to the history of New Zealand/Aotearoa and its close ties with the Pacific.

More on the Ministry of Culture and Heritage site

New Zealand Society of Authors (PEN NZ INC)

This organisation works to be the main representative for authors in New Zealand. Services the society offer include a mentoring programme, manuscript appraisal, assessment services and information on literary awards, grants and fellowships.


New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE)

New Zealand Trade and Enterprise is the national economic development agency, working with the private and public sectors to help businesses, industries and regions generate sustainable growth and overcome challenges and achieve success in export markets. They tailor their services and approach to meet the specific needs of clients.


NZ Community Trust

Each year NZCT give around 2500 grants totalling between $40 and $45 million. Whilst the bulk of their grants go to sport, NZCT also provides funds for charitable purposes such as rescue and life-saving services, education, health, the arts, cultural and community groups.

NZCT funding goes back into the communities from which it was raised. NZCT has set up a number of Regional Advisory Committees around the country. These groups of reputable local people help with advice about recipients of funding in their area.


NZ on Air | Irirangi Te Motu

NZ on Air funds programming on both radio and television.


Performing Arts Network of New Zealand (PANNZ)

PANNZ promotes and encourages a sustainable professional performing arts network throughout Aotearoa New Zealand. Working with Creative New Zealand PANZ offers: 

  • Tour-Makers. This national touring agency offers support and management of medium to large-scale touring in New Zealand.
  • The New Zealand Performing Arts Market.


Publishers’ Association of New Zealand (PANZ)

PANZ represents book, educational and digital publishers.

Working with Creative New Zealand, PANZ offers funding to support:

  • The translation of New Zealand literature into foreign languages
  • Authors to attend international literary festivals or other promotional international events or activity.
  • Travel for publishers to international book fairs.
  • Publisher internships.

Working with Education New Zealand, PANZ also offers travel for educational publishers involved in export initiatives.


Res Artis

This international website hosts information on over 400 international arts residencies. The information includes residency criteria, the value of a residency, residency facilities and application deadlines. Reports from previous residents may also be available.


Te Māngai Pāho

Te Māngai Pāho allocates funding to stimulate the growth and development of Maori language and Maori culture through quality broadcasting.