Resilience Fund 2021/2022

The Resilience Fund provides emergency support for organisations receiving multi-year funding (under our Tōtara and Kahikatea programmes) that have been negatively impacted by COVID-19.This funding round is to help organisations stabilise their business and remain viable up to 31 December 2021, in response to flow-on impacts of New Zealand moving to Alert Level 4 in August 2021. It’s partially funded by the Government’s COVID-19 Delta Relief Funding package announced in September.


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Funding rounds

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Round 1
18 Oct 2021, 1pm
31 Oct 2021, 5pm
17 Dec 2021

1. Check your eligibility

Who can apply

The Resilience Fund is only open to organisations receiving multi-year funding through the Toi Tōtara Haemata and Toi Uru Kahikatea programmes (also known as our investment programmes) in 2021/2022.


To be eligible to apply to the Resilience Fund, your organisation must:

  1. have been impacted by COVID-19 alert level shifts since August 2021
  2. have suffered losses due to postponed or cancelled activities
  3. have made best efforts to honour financial commitments to artists and arts practitioners
  4. have attempted to remain solvent, including seeking alternative financial support (e.g. the Government’s Resurgence Support Payment or Wage Subsidy Scheme)
  5. not be in breach of any funding agreements with Creative New Zealand.


The Resilience Fund 2021/2022 will open on Monday 18 October. Ideally, we’ll receive your submission by 31 October so that we can get funding to those most in need by mid-December.

How often you can apply

At this stage, we’re only offering one funding round for impacts up until 31 December 2021. Organisations can make one submission for this round.

2. See what's funded


The funding is to sustain New Zealand’s core cultural infrastructure by ensuring the ongoing viability of organisations in our investment programmes and minimising the impact of alert level changes on the artists and arts practitioners who work with these organisations. 

What we fund

This fund will be used to mitigate the financial impact of COVID-19 alert level changes on current existing investment organisations to help them stabilise their businesses and remain viable. We’ll target our support to the sunk costs of cancelling or postponing activities, and/or lost revenue from cancelled activities or reduced venue capacities during the Delta alert level changes. We know that organisations have various business models and that COVID-19 has impacted you in different ways, and we’ll be considering a range of scenarios that can be supported. As we did last year, we’ll prioritise those for whom the impact was the most significant, those who are considered most vulnerable and those who continue to be affected by alert level restrictions.

What’s not included

  • New activity costs.
  • Topping up reserves.
  • Alternative initiative or business need costs.
  • Costs that are covered by other government support such as the Resurgence Support Payment or Wage Subsidy Scheme.

Maximum amounts

There’s no maximum amount, but it’s unlikely we’ll be able to cover all requests, so we ask you to be considerate of other organisations’ needs. When making a submission, we encourage you to indicate the minimum amount needed from Creative New Zealand to stabilise your organisation.

3. Make an application

If your organisation has been impacted by Delta alert level changes and has suffered losses due to impacts on delivery, please complete the online Delta Impact questionnaire (we will send you a link to this).

We’ll ask you to include the following information.

  • Describe how the Delta alert level changes are affecting your organisation. Provide details about any activities (events) that couldn’t be delivered or had to be delivered under reduced capacities, and the losses your organisation experienced. These could be the sunk costs of cancelling activities, additional costs related to postponing activities or operating under reduced capacities, or lost revenue from cancelled activities or reduced venue capacities during the alert level changes. Please be explicit with activity dates and alert level restrictions for those dates.
  • Provide information to verify the losses claimed. For example, attach detailed activity budgets showing projected income and expenditure compared with actual income and expenditure, and provide commentary on which budget lines were affected and how. Please indicate the minimum amount needed from Creative New Zealand to stabilise your organisation. This will be considered as an indicative request until we have reviewed your information and resolved any queries.
  • Confirm whether artists / supplier contracts were honoured or what other arrangements had been made.
  • Confirm whether other attempts were made to stabilise your organisation. Describe how you have made best efforts to mitigate the impact on your organisation, sought support from other sources and considered the contribution your organisation can make.
  • Confirm whether other financial support was sought/received (e.g. Resurgence Support Payment or Wage Subsidy Scheme).
  • Discuss the impact of these alert level changes on your organisation’s financial viability. How will the impact of these changes affect your organisation cash-flow outlook, EOY financial performance and financial position?

When preparing your financial evidence and supporting information, please use actuals and projections for the five-month period from 1 August to 31 December 2021.

After you submit your survey responses, you’ll receive a confirmation email that includes a link to your answers for your reference. Please submit support material by email to

We may ask for further information, either at the time of receipt or as part of our review process.

If you’ve got questions along the way, FAQs will be published in the Portal User Guide. We will make regular updates in response to queries from organisations, as they come up.

If you’re struggling to prepare this information in the timeframes given, contact your Investment Services Lead Adviser.

4. Assessing applications

Creative New Zealand staff will review the information you’ve provided against the purpose and scope of this fund to verify the impact of COVID-19 on your organisation during this period. We may request further information for clarification.

We’ll be taking a flexible approach to allow for the variable factors for organisations.

Note: Creative New Zealand reserves the right to decide how funds are allocated. Not every claim may be covered, or not to its full amount.

Who makes the decisions

Awarded amounts under $100,000

The final approval is made by Creative New Zealand’s Senior Manager Arts Development based on recommendations from the Manager Investment Services.

Awarded amounts under $250,000

The final approval is made by Creative New Zealand’s Chief Executive based on recommendations from the Senior Manager Arts Development.

Awarded amounts $250,000 and over

The final approval is made by the Chair of the Arts Council based on recommendations from the Senior Manager Arts Development and the Chief Executive.

Conditions of funding

If we ask you to provide us with additional information to support your request, please respond to us within the timeframes given. This means we can continue reviewing your request and let you know the result as soon as possible.

You’ll need to provide a declaration from your governance or leadership body as part of your six-month reporting, confirming the veracity of your claim (including variances to financial projections) and that the Resilience funding was spent to stabilise your organisation.

5. Notification of results

We’ll email you your result no later than 17 December 2021. If your application has been successful and all funding conditions have been met, your grant will be deposited in your bank account within ten working days of us notifying you of our decision.

We’ll also list the organisations who received the Resilience Fund and the amount they received on Who got funded

6. On completion

Because this is more of a subsidy than a grant, you don’t need to provide a completion report detailing how the funds were spent, although you can provide commentary as part of your six-month reporting on 31 January 2022. Your declaration letter will also be due at this time.

This is a trust-based initiative designed to mobilise support and minimise burden on organisations. If there is any indication that funding has been misused, Creative New Zealand may require a full audit of the spent funds. Any misuse of funding will be treated as a breach of contract and may result in termination of your funding agreement.

7. Who to contact

For more information or advice contact your Investment Services Lead Adviser or email us at