Volunteer Management Toolkit

The volunteer management toolkit is intended for use by boards, managers and co-ordinators to help attract, manage and retain volunteers.

“A planned volunteer programme gives you a direction and purpose so you can achieve the right outcomes for the organisation”  Sue Jane, Chamber Music New Zealand

What's in the toolkit

The tookit provides you with:

  • advice on planning your volunteer management system 
  • tips on finding and selecting the right volunteers for your organisation 
  • instructions on inducting and training volunteers
  • guidance on retaining volunteers
  • templates

Templates included

The toolkit includes templates for:

  • a code of conduct
  • application forms
  • appointment letter
  • decline letter
  • interview plan and questions.

Download the toolkit

Full toolkit

The full tookit includes all the appendices.
Volunteer Management Toolkit (pdf 1MB)

Specific appendices

These appendices are also in the full toolkit.
Resources - Appendix A (pdf 26KB)
Legislation - Appendix B (pdf 163KB)
Volunteer Agreement template - Appendix C (pdf 25KB)
Code of Conduct template - Appendix D (pdf 35KB)
Task Description template - Appendix E (pdf 22KB)
Example Volunteer Roles, Tasks and Skills - Appendix F (pdf 38KB)
Volunteer Application Form template - Appendix G (pdf 42KB)
Application Acknowledgement Letter template - Appendix H (pdf 7KB)
Appointment Letter template - Appendix I (pdf 8KB)
Decline Letter template - Appendix J (pdf 13KB)
Interview Invitation Letter template - Appendix K (pdf 8KB)
Interview Plan and Questions template - Appendix L (pdf 99KB)
Reference Checking template - Appendix M (pdf 93KB)
Volunteer Induction Plan template - Appendix N (pdf 66KB)
Volunteers Additional Information - Appendix O (pdf 30KB)
Example Health and Safety Information - Appendix P (pdf 37KB)
Example Role and Task Training Options - Appendix Q (pdf 25KB)