Māori perspectives

Key findings on adult Māori (aged 15+) attitudes, attendance and participation in the arts in 2020.

Overall, Māori feel more positive about the arts and engage more than the national average, but access could be improved.

Survey findings for Māori - Colmar Brunton report (pdf 1.3MB) [55 pages]

Read the A3 Māori perspectives summary (pdf 280KB)

Māori perspectives are also captured in our research summary

Information on rangatahi Māori is included in the full young New Zealanders report

Arts and culture have supported my wellbeing during the COVID-19 crisis. 33% of Māori agree.      The arts are an important way of connecting with my culture. 70% of Māori agree. This is significantly higher than the national average.      My <span class='highlight_content'><a data-is-glossary-term='true' data-glossary-href='/glossary/13' class='m-content--glossary tooltip' href='/find-funding/glossary#community' data-title='Community'>community</a></span> would be poorer without the arts. 52% of Māori agree.      The arts help improve New Zealand society. 62% of Māori agree. 80% of Māori have attended or participated in the arts in the last 12 months. This compares with 86% in 2017, a significant drop. Māori engagement is significantly higher though than the national average of 75% in 2020 (the national average for engagement in 2017 was 80%).