Advocacy Toolkit

Our arts advocacy toolkit helps you talk about the value of the arts to New Zealand so people are more likely to support the arts in all its forms.

Why advocate

Creating and experiencing art makes a big difference to our economic, cultural and social well-being. People are more likely to support the arts when they know this. For more information read our Advocacy Strategy 2016 -2021

How you can advocate for the arts

Key messages

You can help make decision makers aware that the:

  • arts matter to New Zealanders
  • arts sector is a significant size
  • arts can help address social issues.

You can tell:

  • businesses and business people that investing in the arts is good for business
  • private funders that investing in the arts is personally rewarding
  • your local council that the arts are of benefit to its community’s wellbeing
  • MPs that the arts are of benefit to their communities
  • media about the economic and social benefits of the arts
  • your audiences about the value of the arts.

More about who you can tell and how

What you can do

  • Make submissions to your local council planning processes.
  • Make submissions to parliamentary select committees on issues affecting the arts.
  • Empower your supporters to promote the benefits of the arts.
  • Contribute your experience about the impact of your own arts programme or activity.
  • Promote the benefit of the arts on your website and in your own marketing material.

More about what you can do and how

Evidence of the value of the arts

See the evidence that the arts:

  • contribute to the economy
  • improve educational outcomes
  • create a more highly skilled workforce
  • improve health outcomes
  • improve personal wellbeing
  • rejuvenate cities
  • support democracy
  • create social inclusion
  • are important to the lives of New Zealanders.

Read more about the evidence that supports your advocacy

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Case studies

These case studies show how people have benefited from the arts:

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