International programme

Due to COVID-19, international travel will be significantly impacted for some time; however, there are no limitations on the exchange of ideas, intellectual property, shipping artworks, virtual installations and translating books into other languages.

Digital distribution, virtual market attendance, and remote residencies are quickly becoming a viable replacement for face-to-face exchanges across artforms.

We encourage artists, practitioners, arts groups and organisations to continue to undertake a variety of international activity. This is a unique opportunity to proactively connect with international peers and contribute to the global discourse around alternative modes of engagement. 

Given current travel restrictions, we anticipate that an artist’s or arts practitioner’s international activity and engagement will occur virtually for much of this year. However, if your project requires international travel, we strongly advise you to follow the government’s travel advice, carefully consider the additional risk, and discuss this with your international collaborators.

The majority of the international funding programmes are on hold for our current financial year (July 2020 to June 2021). Funding is available through our Arts Grants programme, to support New Zealand artists, arts practitioners arts groups and arts organisations to engage in a variety of international activity, including the presentation of art works – please refer to our guidelines  

Our International Programme Review (started in August 2019) is also on hold, but we expect that the second phase consultation will recommence towards the end of the year. The outcomes will influence the design of the 2021/2022 programme. 

Karangarua – Two Voices | Weaving exchange and engagement with international communities

During 2020/2021 we will deliver targeted initiatives to ensure our artists and arts practitioners remain engaged with international peers, platforms and audiences.

International market development

We’re partnering with the Publishers Association of New Zealand (PANZ) to manage international market development initiatives, including:

  • a presence, virtual and/or physical, at key international book fairs including Frankfurt
  • the publication of a rights catalogue to promote New Zealand literature for distribution to agents, publishers and festivals
  • the development of a digital rights platform to host the catalogue content online
  • the administration of the Translation Fund, which supports the translation of New Zealand literature into foreign languages
  • initiatives to support the capability of publishers to develop rights skills and find new ways of working and selling rights online.

We’ll continue to work with PANZ to explore additional ways to promote New Zealand literature internationally. For more information about PANZ visit their website

Writers and literary festivals can apply to Arts Grants as professional development to support festival appearances.

Performing arts
We’ll seek out opportunities for practitioners to increase their international profile and networks, and showcase on digital markets and platforms.

We’re partnering with the Performing Arts Network of New Zealand (PANNZ) to support the performing arts sector to engage internationally on their digital platform.

This will include:

  • supporting the development and delivery of the new hybrid performing arts market online and in person in March 2021
  • supporting artists’ international capability to pitch, showcase and engage digitally including the creation of digital assets
  • supporting practitioners to engage with international collaborators, presenters and partners attending the market virtually.

For more information about PANNZ visit their website

Artists and producers wishing to attend international performing arts markets can apply for professional development support through Arts Grants

Visual arts and craft object
We’ll seek out and facilitate international opportunities for artists and curators to participate and engage across international platforms.

Support for dealer galleries to attend international art fairs is now available through Arts Grants

Strengthen capability and international engagement

Through a programme of initiatives, we'll develop our sectors’ capability (and confidence) to operate in a changed global environment. We will support our artists and practitioners to develop a presence in this digital realm to ensure that we remain ‘top of mind’ with international presenters, collaborators and buyers.  

Developing and maintaining international networks is more critical than ever. These relationships can assist artists and practitioners to secure endorsements and referrals, especially as presenters and buyers may not be able to see the work themselves.  This is also an opportunity to engage with peers and develop new ways of creating work.

This is a timely opportunity to support artists and organisations to reconsider their longer-term international goals and re-imagine their futures. Those interested in international activity can refer to our Guide to Developing an International Plan

More information about our capability programme will be available at the end of September.

Past event 

(Reimagined) Edinburgh Fringe Festival 
: Collaborating, Commissioning and Licensing; how artists from Aotearoa New Zealand are overcoming the challenges of distance
When: Mon 17 Aug, 9pm
Where: - register for Zoom event

Leading practitioners from Aotearoa New Zealand (Total Theatre award-winning live artist Julia Croft, acclaimed choreographer Sarah Foster-Sproull, multi-talented theatre-maker Jamie McCaskill and sell-out Edinburgh producer and writer Leo Gene Peters), all stalwarts of the Fringe, discuss the innovative and entrepreneurial ways they have been working with partners and collaborators. Artists from Aotearoa are long familiar with the challenges of distance and many were working in new ways before recent changes to the touring landscape; through licensing, commissions and collaboration. 

Chaired by Dolina Wehipeihana. 

Presented by Creative New Zealand with support from the Performing Arts Network of New Zealand and Auckland Live.

Indigenous exchange

We'll continue to support our indigenous producers, curators and leaders to continue the kōrero with their international peers.

Developing partnerships  

We'll continue to develop stronger alliances with other government agencies, funding agencies and international partners to leverage opportunities for the arts sector and strengthen Aotearoa New Zealand’s reputation internationally.

Past event 

Bunka-cho Art Platform Japan Webinar Series | Contemporary Art After the Coronavirus and its Ecology
: Session 1: Global Promotion and International Exchange in the Arts After the Impact of COVID-19
When: Fri7 Aug, 7.30-9pm
Where: Online live broadcast

In the first of this new series of webinar sessions, Jude Chambers, Manager of International Services and Initiatives and Special Emergency Response Package Team Manager, Creative New Zealand, will speak alongside:

  • Peter Anders (Director, Goethe-Institut Tokyo)
  • Manami Yuasa (Head of Arts, British Council Japan)
  • Kataoka Mami (Director, Mori Art Museum / Chairperson, CACJ)

Bunka-cho Art Platform Japan, a project initiated by Bunka-cho (the Agency of Cultural Affairs) aims to maintain the sustainable development of the contemporary art scene in Japan, to gather a wide range of counsel from professionals in the field, and to promote methods to further the international reputation of Japanese artists and artists working in Japan.

If you’re interested in attending, please email us at

Presentation and promotion of New Zealand arts internationally

Due to COVID-19, the 2021 Venice Biennale Arte has been postponed, and will now take place from 23 April to 27 November 2022. We are fully committed and excited to present Yuki Kihara as New Zealand’s artist for the 59th International Art Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia. More info at

Due to COVID-19, the 13th Festival of Pacific Arts and Culture (FestPAC) will now take place June 6-16, 2024 in Honolulu, Hawaiʻi (originally 2020). Around 100 Māori and New Zealand-based Pasifika artists will represent Aotearoa at the festival.

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