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International Presentation Fund Closed: 27 Jan 2017

This fund supports the international presentation of high quality work that directly results from specific initiatives managed by our international team.

More about the International Presentation Fund

Funding recipients

Binge Culture Collective

Towards Binge Culture Edinburgh Fringe Festival Tour.

This content is tagged as Theatre .

AWARDED: $27,819

Good Company Arts

Towards the presentation of OneOne and the Emaki picture scroll projects at Gallery OUT of PLACE (Japan).

This content is tagged as Inter-arts .

AWARDED: $12,553

Little Dog Barking Theatre

Towards international performances of the Shadow Play - Guji Guji by Little Dog Barking Theatre in two major festivals in China.

This content is tagged as Theatre .

AWARDED: $19,320

Live Live Cinema

Towards Live Live Cinema at Edinburgh Fringe 2017.

This content is tagged as Theatre .

AWARDED: $25,870

Results of our work : International Presentation Fund