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RE-FIBRA: Contemporary Textile Art - A Dialogue Between New Zealand and Sweden

27 Jan 2010

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The Blue Oyster is pleased to present RE-FIBRA: Contemporary Textile Art - A Dialogue Between New Zealand and Sweden opening on Tuesday 23 February at 5:30pm and running until Saturday 20 March.

Expanding on a recent exhibition in Sweden of experimental textile work by New Zealand artists, RE-FIBRA brings New Zealand perspectives and practises into dialogue with the work of leading Swedish textile artists.

With the inclusion of Swedish artists and reworking of pieces by New Zealand artists, this exhibition continues the conversation about the current state of textile art to include input from New Zealand audiences and

Featuring the work of Victoria Andersson, Andrea Chandler, Anna Eckert, Jacquelyn Greenbank, Ngahina Hohaia, Malena Karlsson, Genevieve Packer and Jeanette Scharing the exhibition has been organised by Scharing to focus on the the way these textile practises sit at the intersection between art, craft and design and to illuminate the way these artists engage with contemporary culture and politics.

RE-FIBRA is proudly supported by the Swedish Embassy, Canberra and IASPIS.

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