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82 projects funded in latest Quick Response Grant round

6 Mar 2015

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Results are now out for the Quick Response Grant round that closed 30 January 2015. 82 grants totalling $453,187 were offered to support projects by New Zealand artists, practitioners and arts organisations. More than $1.5 million was requested from 252 applications.

As part of this, support was offered to projects from the following funds:

  • Ngā Toi Māori fund - 19 grants totalling $111,100. Over $270,000 was requested from 41 applications.
  • Pacific Arts fund - 11 grants totalling $40,401. Over $170,000 was requested from 31 applications.

See who received support

In addition, two grants totalling $9,745 were offered through the Ngā Toi Māori Tohunga Tukunga mentoring programme