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Creative New Zealand grant supports Southland artist residency

Creative New Zealand  |2 Jun . 2005

The Southland Art Foundation�s artist-in-residence programme has been boosted with a $9000 grant offered by the Arts Board of Creative New Zealand in its latest project funding round, announced this week.

The grant will support its 2005 artist, Mark Braunias of Kawhia in the Waikato, to continue the 26-week William Hodges Fellowship residency through until late August. Following the residency, an exhibition of Braunias� new work will run in the Southland Museum and Art Gallery Niho o te Taniwha.

Since it was established in 1996, the residency has brought 28 visual artists from throughout New Zealand to live in the Southland community, travel throughout the region, and interact with its residents, arts students and numerous art and craft societies.

David Woodings, Director of the Southland Museum and Art Gallery and a trustee of the Southland Art Foundation, said that the William Hodges Fellowship supports visual artists to experiment, develop work, take risks, undertake research and debate with peers.

"Over the years, the residency has nurtured a growing appreciation among Southland communities of cutting-edge contemporary New Zealand art," he said. "The exhibitions, inspired by the artists� time in Southland, are always well-received and some have gone on to tour nationally."

The William Hodges Fellowship is a partnership between the Southland Art Foundation, the Southland Museum and Art Gallery Niho o te Taniwha and the Southern Institute of Technology.

In this project funding round, the Arts Board received 521 applications seeking more than $9.3 million. In the end, 143 projects were offered grants totalling approximately $2.43 million. Arts Board Chair Alastair Carruthers said that the Arts Board was able to fund only one in nearly four projects.

"We were careful to fund projects to a level where we could be confident they would be able to happen," Mr Carruthers said. "However, across every artform, there were a number of high-quality projects the Arts Board was unable to support within available funds."

Click on the link below for a list of Creative New Zealand grants in this project funding round.


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