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Partnership Incentive Fund

This fund is part of the Arts Philanthropy and Partnerships Programme. It aims to support arts organisations to diversify sources of income, increase support from donors and business partnerships and develop their fundraising capability. Only Creative New Zealand investment clients are eligible to apply for this opportunity .


Closing dates:

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Up to $20,000 per applicant

9 Jun 2017

Artforms funded:

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1. Check your eligibility

Who can apply?

Applicants must the fit the following eligibility criteria:

  • All arts organisations must be registered as a New Zealand Charity or have Donee status with Inland Revenue Department.
  • Grants will be made only to the arts organisation applying, not to individuals.
  • Grants may not be sought to purchase services from donors or sponsors.
  • All grants received from grant-giving bodies including Trusts and Foundations are not eligible under this Scheme. Please note donations received from living individuals through the mechanism of their family trust are eligible.
  • Only Creative New Zealand investment clients are eligible to apply for this opportunity .

To apply for Creative New Zealand funding, you:

  • must be a New Zealand citizen, permanent resident or organisation (overseas arts organisations or New Zealand artists based overseas, may be funded only if the project directly benefits New Zealand arts)
  • cannot be a Creative New Zealand staff member or a member of the Arts Council
  • cannot be funded by a government agency, tertiary education organisation (TEO) or local authority unless the proposed activity goes beyond their core activity. Applications from staff or contractors of a TEO, or a TEO subsidiary, must disclose the full extent of the support they will receive from the TEO for their proposed project. 

Late reports and breaches of agreements

We cannot fund you if you, your organisation, or key members of your team:

  • are more than 16 weeks overdue with a report for a previous grant or investment
  • are in breach of the conditions of a current funding agreement
  • were in 'default' of a funding agreement and sent in a late report in the six months prior to the closing date for a new application.

2. See what's funded

Grants must match donations or sponsorships received within the period 23 March 2017 and 9 June 2017. A total of $100,000 is available for the Fund in the year ending 30 June 2017.  

Incentive grants will match:

  • new donations received from first-time donors to an organisation on a $1: $1 basis
  • new business sponsors to an organisation on a $1: $1 basis
  • existing donations/sponsorships if confirmed contributions have increased from previous years on a $1 : $1 basis
  • the minimum single donation or sponsorship to be matched under the scheme is $5,000
  • the maximum single donation or sponsorship to be matched under the scheme is $20,000
  • No organisation may receive more than $20,000 in total in any financial year (for example, a cap of $20,000 applies even if you have a charitable trust and a foundation)
  • for multi-year donations or sponsorships, the fund will match the equivalent of one year’s investment.

3. Make an application

Downloads (application forms and criteria)

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How to apply

Applications open for the 2017 round on 24 March and close at 5pm on 9 June 2017.

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The application requires:

  • evidence of eligibility – including proof of charitable status registration or donee status, and written confirmation from the donor or sponsor that the donation/sponsorship is either new to the organisation or increased from that of previous years
  • written evidence of the sponsorship arrangement or confirmation of donation, including a description of the specific project, opportunity or partnership proposition
  • a copy of the organisation’s fundraising plan – showing the organisation’s long-term fundraising and relationship management strategies.

4. Assessing applications

Who assesses your application

Applications will be assessed by relevant Creative New Zealand staff. Their recommendations will be subject to the approval of the Senior Manager Arts Funding, Capability and International.

Assessment criteria

Applicants will be assessed on the potential impact of the donation/sponsorship on the organisation, as well as evidence of a long-term relationship management and fundraising/revenue development strategy.

Funding priorities

Priority may be given to organisations who have achieved a new donation or sponsorship as a result of participation in Creative New Zealand’s income diversification initiatives e.g. Sponsorship coaching and fundraising coaching. 

5. Notification of results

Results of applications will be advised on 30 June 2017.

If you are successful we will email you about:

  • your funding agreement
  • payment schedule
  • reporting requirements.

Applicants will be required to report on the outcomes of the investment and agree to participate in evaluation and monitoring of the Arts Philanthropy and Partnerships Programme undertaken by Creative New Zealand.

Grants awarded through this programme will be published at who got funded

6. On completion

At the conclusion of the grant period, grant recipients will make a project completion report to Creative New Zealand.

Case studies and information about the results of the Arts Philanthropy and Partnerships Programme Partnership Incentive Fund may also be published, in consultation with the relevant organisations.

7. Who to contact

For more information, please contact:

Helen Bartle
Senior Adviser Audience Development and Capability Building
(09) 377 8750

Grace Sinclair
Project Administrator, Capability Building
(09) 373 3077