International Co-Lab

An artistic exchange pilot bringing together artists from New Zealand, Hong Kong and Scotland in Edinburgh during the festivals in August 2017. This peer-led programme encourages new ways of working and the development of collaborative projects.


Closing dates:

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$3,200 towards travel (plus accommodation & show tickets)

29 May 2017

Artforms funded:

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1. Check your eligibility

The International Co-Lab is offered in partnership with The British Council and West Kowloon Cultural District Authority, Hong Kong.  The programme is co-curated by The Basement Theatre (NZ), Forest Fringe (United Kingdom) and West Kowloon Cultural District Authority.

Who can apply

To apply for Creative New Zealand funding, you:

  • must be a New Zealand citizen, permanent resident or organisation (overseas arts organisations or overseas-based New Zealand artists may be funded only if the project directly benefits New Zealand arts)
  • cannot be a Creative New Zealand staff member or a member of the Arts Council.

Late reports and breaches of agreements

We cannot fund you if you, your organisation, or key members of your team:

  • are more than 16 weeks overdue with a report for a previous grant or investment
  • are in breach of the conditions of a current funding agreement
  • were in 'default' of a funding agreement and sent in a late report in the six months prior to the closing date for a new application.

Benefits and track record

To be eligible for Creative New Zealand funding:

  • Your project or activities must directly benefit New Zealand arts, artists or practitioners.
  • You must have a track record of experience and success — this means you must have:
    • recognition from peers or experts
    • specialised training or practical experience.

Eligibility for International Co-Lab

Applicants must:

  • be mid-career artists (working in any artform)
  • have a track record of delivering high-quality work
  • provide evidence of their ability to work in partnership or deliver a collaborative project successfully
  • provide evidence of their availability to participate in the programme in Edinburgh which runs from 21 August – 1 September 2017 (shared accommodation will be provided from 20 August – 1 September)  
  • be able to commit to attending additional labs in Auckland (March 2018) and in Hong Kong (2019) should this initiative be approved for on-going funding
  • in accordance with British Council New Zealand objectives, priority will be given to Māori, Pacific, and Asian artists to access new networks, new markets, and new audiences so perceptions on culture and understanding can be changed, enriched, and refreshed. 

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The aim of the International Co-Lab is to:

  • create a strongly linked network of artists and practitioners who can work effectively across regions to develop artistic works together
  • provide artists with the opportunity to take their practice to a new level of creative and artistic experiment through the exchange of artistic skills, techniques, and cultural knowledge
  • offer New Zealand artists the opportunity to develop or extend their knowledge of artistic and cultural practices in Scotland and Hong Kong
  • provide the foundation for the long-term development of international markets and audiences in Scotland and/or Hong Kong.

Expected Outcomes:

  1. To increase collaboration between artists and practitioners from New Zealand, Hong Kong, and Scotland.
  2. To advance long-term international creative exchanges, and build knowledge, expertise and networks in each region.
  3. To contribute to the long-term development of international markets and audiences for New Zealand arts and culture in Scotland and Hong Kong.

Programme structure

During the lab the participants will:

  • develop an understanding of each other’s artform, practice, and cultural perspectives
  • explore their approach to creating work
  • workshop ideas and critique the process
  • explore collaboration opportunities
  • learn more about the arts landscape in the host country including the funding climate, relevant presenters and venues, types of work programmes, and audiences.  

What we fund

Up to four mid-career artists from any artform will be supported to participate in the International Co-Lab in Edinburgh from 21 August – 1 September 2017. The selected delegates will receive:

  • $3200 towards flights
  • shared accommodation for 13 nights in Edinburgh (the NZ delegation will share a house)
  • a contribution towards the cost of show tickets while in Edinburgh.

3. Make an application

Downloads (application forms and criteria)

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How to apply

To apply for this opportunity:

  1. Start your application online (you may need to register first)
  2. Gather support material
  3. Prepare a budget using our budget template
  4. Submit your application online by 5pm Monday 29 May.

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4. Assessing applications

Assessment process

Internal assessors will assess applications.   The funding and delivery partners from New Zealand, UK, and Hong Kong will then review all assessments and a ranked list to make the final recommendation to Creative New Zealand’s Senior Manager for approval. 

Assessment criteria

Applications will be assessed on:

  • the artist’s track record in developing collaborative, high-quality projects.
  • the artist’s capacity to develop international networks and work in an international context.
  • how well the application meets the purpose and aims of the initiative.  

5. Notification of results

Applicants will be notified of results via email by 23 June 2017.

We also list successful applicants on who got funded

6. On completion

A project completion report is required within 12 weeks of the project end date. We will provide a template to successful applicants. To be considered for further funding, your report needs to be submitted on time.

7. Who to contact

Catherine George
Senior Adviser, International - Asia
+64 (09) 926 5480
027 807 4221