Fundraising for the Arts - Staff Placements Fund

Selected arts organisations can apply for funding towards the salary costs of a fundraising staff placement. The fund is the result of a partnership between Creative New Zealand and Foundation North.


Closing dates:

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Up $50,000 per successful applicant

20 Apr 2018

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1. Check your eligibility

This opportunity is only available to Creative New Zealand’s investment clients from the Auckland region and selected organisations that are funded by Foundation North in Auckland and Northland.

To apply for this funding, applicants must:

  • be arts organisations that have a strategic relationship with Foundation North and Creative New Zealand, and must meet all Foundation North’s and Creative New Zealand’s eligibility criteria
  • deliver services within the boundaries of the Foundation North region
  • be a registered incorporated society, or a registered charitable trust, or on the charities register, and in operation for twelve months
  • have met all mandatory reporting requirements of both Creative New Zealand and Foundation North for all previous grants
  • make a financial and/or in-kind contribution to the staff placement
  • have a fundraising strategy for their organisation and a plan for the period of the staff placement including specific targets
  • be able to demonstrate endorsement from their Board and a commitment to long-term building in this area.

2. See what's funded

The Fundraising for the Arts - Staff Placements Fund offers selected arts organisations the opportunity to apply for funding towards salary costs of one fundraising staff placement within the organisation.

The purpose of the Fundraising for the Arts - Staff Placements Fund is to build arts organisations’ capability and help them to diversify their income streams to increase their sustainability. It provides targeted resourcing to assist organisations to implement their existing fundraising strategies and practically deliver their plans.

3. Make an application

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How to apply

Applications for the 2019 funding round open on 25 February 2019 and close on 5 April 2019.

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Grant amount:

  • A recipient may receive up to $50,000 in any one funding round.
  • A recipient may receive up to a total of $100,000 over the lifespan of the fund (2017, 2018, 2019).
  • Creative New Zealand and Foundation North will fund each grant equally. GST is payable on the grant portion from Creative New Zealand. GST is not payable on the grant portion from Foundation North.
  • The grant will be payable on confirmation of the fundraiser’s appointment.

Application requirements

  • An organisational fundraising strategy and work plan for the placement period that includes objectives/goals and SMART targets for the staff member.
  • A coaching/mentoring plan for the staff member including the name of a senior leader/manager who will be accountable for, and support, the position.
  • A letter of support from your Board that endorses the position and outlines the organisation’s longer term plans for investing in fundraising capability within the organisation and commitment to implement and engage in the fundraising strategy.
  • Time-frame, recruitment process and a Position Description for the role (full-time or part-time).
  • A budget including the contribution from the organisation (in-kind and financial).

4. Assessing applications

Who assesses your application

Your application will be assessed by external peer assessors. Recommendations are made to Creative New Zealand and Foundation North.

Assessment criteria

Applicants will be assessed on the potential for the organisation to leverage from the opportunity, grow their sustainability, the viability of the goals and budget, and the expectations of delivery for this position.

Your application will be assessed on three criteria of idea, viability and strategic fit and each criterion is given a score out of 7.



  • The argument provided for the fundraising staff member is strong.
  • The goals for the fundraiser staff role are well-developed.
  • How the fundraising staffer would work in with the rest of staff has been well thought through.



  • The job description and salary are reasonable for the sector.
  • The plan provided is realistic for the skills/person required to achieve this work.
  • The delivery expectations of the fundraising placement role are reasonable.

Strategic fit


  • This placement will provide leverage for the organisation into other funding such as non-government sources.
  • This placement will enable the organisation to grow its fundraising capability.
  • This placement will engage the governance of the organisation in the importance of philanthropy to their sustainability.

Assessment Scale


7---Excellent - Exceeds all indicators
6---Very good - Satisfies all indicators and exceeds in more than one
5---Good - Satisfies all indicators and exceeds in one
4---Acceptable - Satisfies all indicators
3---Minor reservations - Satisfies most indicators however there are minor reservations
2---Major reservations - Satisfies some indicators however there are major reservations
1---Unacceptable - Does not meet the indicators
0---There is no evidence provided

5. Notification of results

We will advise all applicants of the result via email on 1 June 2019.

6. On completion

At the conclusion of the grant period, grant recipients will report to Creative New Zealand:

  • A project completion report is required within 12 weeks of the project end date. Reports must be made using the Staff Placement Fund report template (will be supplied).
  • The recipient agrees to acknowledge Foundation North’s grant in its annual report and audited accounts. Case studies and information about the results of the Arts Philanthropy and Partnerships Programme may also be published, in consultation with the relevant organisations.

7. Who to contact

For more information contact​