Development and resources

Workshops, webinars and training

Our new development and training programme is available from November 2017 to June 2018. There is a range of opportunities for organisations in our investment programmes. We also offer free training, workshops and resources for the wider arts sector.

Advocacy Toolkit

Our arts advocacy toolkit helps you talk about the value of the arts to New Zealand so people are more likely to support the arts in all its forms.

Volunteer Management Toolkit

The volunteer management toolkit is intended for use by boards, managers and co-ordinators to help attract, manage and retain volunteers.

Risk Management Toolkit

The risk management toolkit helps managers, administrators, and boards to develop and implement a risk management strategy.

Donations Toolkit

This toolkit is for individuals, groups and organisations seeking donations. It includes advice and suggestions for approaching, securing and keeping donors.

Research and reports

Browse research to help understand arts audiences and the arts in New Zealand. Explore resources to help you or your organisation effectively operate in the arts.

Pacific Heritage Arts Database

This database puts you in touch with 650 community-recognised elders, tufuga, Pulotu, ta’unga, master craftspeople and cultural leaders in a range of Pacific heritage artforms.

Directory of arts links

We have been compiling some of the best online resources for the arts in New Zealand.